About us


My name is Agnetha Lundh-Carlsson and my husbands name is Åke.
We have three sons, daughters in law and grandchildren in the family who all
helps out with the dogs when necessary.

In the family there are also a gang of Bernese mountain dogs.
1981 we bought our first BMD, Macis Zenna, and what a happiness that was
and it is from there it all came to be what it is today.

It is a great joy to live with dogs and with their different kind of personalities,
it is also a great resposibility, and from time to time it is also filled with sorrow and
concerns, alot of cleaning.
Many and long walks no matter of the weather, alot of meetings with persons you never would
have met, and there is no worry about what to do in the spare time.

I have gone through the breedingeducation given by the Swedish Kennel Club.
The goal with the breeding is nice, healthy and hopefully good-looking dogs,
that can be the joy for their family for many years.

It is all according to the rules of Swedish Kennel Club and the Swedish Bernese Mountain Dog Club.

Home:+46 470 757280
Work: +46 470 757180
Mobile: +46 72 56 110 19

Our home.

Agnetha, Gotland 2008, with Odenhills Fresia and Montmorzys Boungavilla

Åke, Karlskoga 2008, with Montmorzys Bolero